Top Olympic Bid Stories of 2013: #9 USA “Quietly” Pursues 2024 Olympic Games Bid

#9 USA “Quietly” Pursues 2024 Olympic Games Bid

After the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) suffered two consecutive and embarrassing Summer Olympic Games bid losses, the U.S. opted out of the 2020 bid cycle in order to implement reforms before trying again. But after four years of introspection, the USOC has been quietly hinting at a potential 2024 bid in a not-so-quiet way.

New York came fourth out of five bidders for the 2012 Olympic Games and then Chicago finished last out of four cities for the 2016 Games. The devastating nature of the losses forced USOC officials to conclude that there were unresolved issues between the IOC and the U.S. organization, starting with an unbalanced revenue-sharing agreement that was causing much friction. In 2012, a new agreement was arranged opening the door, the USOC claims, for another bid.

In 2013 the USOC announced that it would not pursue a 2022 Winter Games and CEO Scott Blackmun instead sent a letter to 50 American cities floating the idea of a 2024 Olympic bid. Later in the year, the list was whittled down to less than ten and reports came out that high-ranking USOC members were visiting potential bidders to further investigate. Still, the USOC has refused to confirm that an American 2024 bid is forthcoming; the deadline to submit applications to the IOC is in 2015.

By 2024, The United States and all of North America will have not hosted a Summer Games for 28 years; the Atlanta 1996 Games being the latest.

If the U.S. bids for the 2024 Games, it will join what is shaping up to be an epic battle between European cities, one from South Africa seeking to host the first Olympics on its continent, and from Canada. There will be no guarantees for the selected American city as relations between the USOC and IOC are still untested – but the September election of U.S. IOC member Anita Defrantz to the Executive Board is promising.

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