Top Olympic Bid Stories of 2013: #6 Posturing for 2024 Olympic Bid Campaign Begins

#5 Posturing for 2024 Olympic Bid Campaign Begins

With the election of the 2020 host city Tokyo in September, applications for the 2024 Games won’t be accepted until late in 2015 with a decision due in 2017 – but that hasn’t stopped early posturing by potential bidders.

As already mentioned with Top Ten story #9, the U.S. is likely to submit a candidate for the 2024 Games though the USOC has yet to make it official. The other frequently discussed but still unofficial bid is one from Durban, South Africa who vie to host the first African Olympics.

With the 2020 Games being held outside of Europe, several European cities are gearing up to bring the Summer Games back to Europe 12 years after the London 2012 Games. Italy, who withdrew Rome during its 2020 campaign, says that it may put forward a new bid. Paris, St. Petersburg, and failed 2020 bids Istanbul, Doha and Baku are also keen to try again.

But at least one city has taken a step back – after Munich lost a 2022 Winter Games referendum in November, the city of Hamburg, also in Germany, decided that a 2024 bid would no longer be appropriate.

As an alternate North American option to the United States, the city of Toronto in Canada is quietly organizing a bid for a Games only 14 years after the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games but 28 years past the most recent Games on the continent that were held in Atlanta in 1996.

Earlier this week there was interest out of the Phillipines to lodge a 2024 bid amid typhoon recovery efforts – but this declaration was without any official backing.

It’s not unusual for bids to begin preparing years in advance of their applications to the IOC, but for 2024 the activity has been more intense and earlier than typical. The increased attention to the United States preparations are the likely cause.

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