Top Olympic Bid Stories of 2009: #2 Rio de Janeiro Wins 2016 Olympic Games Bid

For the second year, is releasing our list of Top Ten Olympic Bid Stories for 2009. These stories, from the mainstream to the obscure, impacted the course of Olympic bids and formed an interesting plotline for 2009.

#2 – Rio de Janeiro Wins 2016 Olympic Games Bid

On October 2nd, the results of a third and final ballot between Madrid, Spain and Rio de Janeiro was announced – Rio has been elected to host the 2016 Olympic Games. Celebrations erupted at the Bella Center in Copenhagen Denmark where the IOC members had voted, and at home in Brazil.

While the final ballot result wasn’t a big surprise, events leading up to the election certainly indicated that Rio had a tough battle ahead and a formidable rival in Chicago. Fortunately for Rio, Chicago didn’t survive the first ballot.

Rio’s success became more likely earlier in the day after the final presentations. Brazil’s President Lula impressed all who watched with a dynamic, empassioned speach in Portuguese.

While delegations from Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo quickly departed Denmark – the Rio team immediately revealed secret strategies and got to work while celebrations continued.

The win was historic, bringing the Games to South America for the very first time.

What could be a bigger story than this? Watch for story #1 tomorrow.

#3 – The Obamas Cause Distraction Prior To 2016 Vote

#4 -Only Three Suitors Emerge to Bid For 2018 Olympic Winter Games

#5 – Anti-bid Website Created Mystery and Finger-Pointing Among Rivals
#6 – Three Cities in the Running for Second Youth Olympic Games in 2014
#7 – Social Media Becomes Critical Tool In Olympic Bidding
#8 – Too Many Cheesy Bidders In Italy
#9 – Hiroshima and Nagasaki Propose Joint Bid for 2020 Olympic Games
#10 – The Maldives to bid for the 2024 Olympics

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