Vancouver 2010 Olympics to Unveil Solar-Powered Cauldron

A source inside Vancouver 2010 has told that the Olympic organizing committee will soon unveil a zero carbon footprint Olympic cauldron. The unprecedented design that follows years of intense research and development will use solar energy to power the flame both day and night.

Rumours of the new technology were rampant among delegates of the World Conference on Sport and the Environment in Vancouver this week and all were hoping for an announcement before the end of the conference Tuesday. An insider said VANOC is instead preparing a separate future unveiling of the technological breakthrough.

While the details have not yet been released – solar energy will be captured by panels and stored in fuel cells that will be harnessed to create a ‘flame’ without any combustion.

“It’s an unbelievable breakthrough” our source said. “It’s hard to imagine how it all works until you actually see it. This will change everything.”

But does the flame look real? We’re told that we won’t see any difference and the cauldron will still be ‘lit’ by the last torch in the relay.

The new technology will also be useable in other applications including heating and manufacturing. This promises to be the Olympics single biggest contribution to the world – next to our gold medal heroes.

(Editor’s Note: While this is a great idea – it’s way ahead of its time. Happy April Fools’ Day!)

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