USOC Head Asks For Decision On Job Status Delayed

Amidst more allegations against U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) head Lloyd Ward, Ward is asking the USOC that any decision on his job status be put off until at least April.

USA Today reports that USOC executive committee members took part in a teleconference Tuesday to discuss Ward’s status in the wake of new allegations ranging from preferential treatment for Ward’s homebuilder at the Salt Lake City Olympics to improper use of expense budgets.

The newspaper reports that recently several new charges have emerged. A former USOC employee alleged Ward directed his staff to give “preferential treatment” for hotel accommodations and tickets at the 2002 Winter Games to his homebuilder, Ward and his wife tallied $155,664 in airfare for official USOC travel in 2002, and he was allowed to bill the USOC nearly $35,000 for hotel stays and meals within six miles of USOC headquarters, on top of receiving a $50,000 relocation allowance, as reported by The Denver Post.

The 19-member executive committee plans to hold another conference call within two weeks and the 123-member board of directors meets April 11-13 in Fort Worth.

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