TSG Developer Involved In IOC Suit

Menscerto Inc., developer of the TorontoSummerGames.com (TSG) Web site and OlympicBids.com ( http://www.OlympicBids.com ) is one of the more than 1800 Web sites being sued by the International Olympic Committee, the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Salt Lake City Olympic Committee in the U.S. District Court at Alexandria, Virginia.

The Web sites are being sued under the federal anti-cybersquatting law for using domain names that duplicate or are similar to official Olympic trademarks. OlympicBids.com was registered by Menscerto and was planned to launch shortly as the evolution of the TSG site, covering all of the Olympic Games bids.

According to the OlympicBids.com Web site, Menscerto is a privately-run consulting firm that has been operating the 2008 Olympic Bid information site TorontoSummerGames.com (TSG) for more than two years. The thousands of readers and subscribers to the site come from the world media, business, athletic community, fans, NOC members and members from the 2008, 2010 and 2012 Olympic bid committees, and the International Olympic Committee, the Salt Lake Olympic Committee and the U.S. Olympic Committee. The domain name was chosen to intuitively describe the nature of the content, but not to imply any association with the Olympics.

Robert Livingstone, president of Menscerto Inc. says “we are not cybersquatters; we have never sold a domain name, we do not claim to be affiliated in any way to the Olympic Movement or any of the National Olympic Committees and we clearly state this in our visible disclaimers.”

In fact the disclaimer, as posted on the OlympicBids.com Web site, says that until the matter is resolved, the OlympicBid.com Web site will be dedicated to covering the issue and interacting with the community it effects. The site will be updated frequently.