Top City In “Fast Company” Boosts Chicago 2016

Fast Company magazine announced Monday that Chicago is the U.S. City of the Year as part of its annual Fast Cities list, while London was named Global City of the Year.

Chicago was selected the top U.S. city because, according to the magazine, Chicago’s economy is growing faster than New York’s or L.A.’s. “The city is in the vanguard of creativity, from environmental policy (Chicago is a pioneer in urban greening), to politics (it’s home to Barack Obama), architecture (Santiago Calatrava is redefining the form of the American skyscraper with his Chicago Spire) and music (house music was born there).

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley said, “Fast Company has been reporting on innovation, leadership and social responsibility since 1995. It’s one of the most respected publications in its field and that’s why we’re so pleased with this recognition.

“I believe the essential idea on which cities must base their strategies for moving forward is simple – they must improve the quality of life for all their residents.

“If a city’s actions are aimed at that goal, if people work hard and work together, then the city will be a vibrant place that almost by definition creates the conditions for a thriving economy”.

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