Shorter Short List Knocks Almaty From Olympic Bid

The IOC selected only three candidates for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games bid – the fewest amount for an Olympic Bid since the bribery scandal broke in 1998 and the 2006 field was reduced to two contenders.

There were five short listed cities for the 2012 Summer Games bid and four for the 2010 Winter Games bid (later Berne dropped out of the race leaving only three on the final ballot).

Had a fourth city been included on the list it would likely have been Almaty Kazakhstan. According to the IOC Candidature Acceptance Report released today, Almaty “straddled the benchmark” meaning that it just met the minimum requirements to make the short list. However the IOC is not bound by that finding and is free to make any short list selection.

“The issue of competition is not an issue of quantity, it is an issue of quality” remarked IOC President Jacques Rogge when asked if the small short list would discourage future bidders.

“We have considered that the three cities have all the qualities to organize the Olympic games, the other cities are not yet at this level.”

Salzburg received the best score in the report, followed by PyeongChang and then Sochi. Of the eliminated cities Almaty was followed by Jaca, Sofia then Borjomi.

Keep watching for more follow-up reports and reaction.

IOC Evaluation Report 1

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