Rio 2016 Paralympic Emblem Unveiled

The emblem for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games was unveiled Saturday at the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, venue for the rowing and para-canoe events during the Games.

About 200,000 spectators viewed the unveiling as well as the lighting of the 16th Bradesco Seguros Christmas Tree, the third largest annual event in the city.

Carlos Arthur Nuzman, President of the Rio 2016 Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games said, “this is an emblem that conveys passion and transformation from the perspective of the Paralympic Movement and its values, courage, determination, inspiration and equality. An emblem that not only can be seen, but also experienced through the various senses, reaching out to a larger number of people in the same spirit of inclusion we want for the Games”.

Following a three-minute official video exhibition on a large screen in the event’s main stage and on four other large screens, a “thrilling” soundtrack, a huge sculpture four metres tall, three metres wide and weighting 160 kg was lifted by a hydraulic platform next to the stage. A trail of fireworks was lit up from the platform towards the Christmas tree, signalling its lighting.

Sir Philip Craven, International Paralympic Committee (IPC) President said, “for me the emblem represents the heart of an athlete and as our athletes are the heart of the Paralympic Movement it is just perfect in highlighting what we are all about.

“Just like the great city of Rio, each time I look at the emblem I notice something new. No two views of it are the same. We talk a lot in the Paralympic Movement about spirit in motion and this pictures it perfectly”.

Following the launch there was a 3D performance of the emblem. A polyurethane sculpture was fitted with light sensors that activate its movement and sound when touched.

Until 2016 the sensory experience with the emblem’s sculpture will travel across Brazil during Rio 2016 events.

Rio 2016 – Rio 2016 | Paralympic Games Official Emblem

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