Olympic Briefs

Canadian Press reports B.C. Ferries’ newest addition, the 160-metre Coastal Celebration, has sailed up the Thames River to deliver an invitation to London 2012 officials asking them to visit the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. The ferry was moored just east of the Tower Bridge in downtown London. It began its maiden voyage from Germany last weekend and, following its stop in London, is heading across the Atlantic toward British Columbia. The vessel, the largest double-ended ferry in the world, is wrapped with large photographic decals that are reportedly the largest marine application of printed graphics ever undertaken. It’s expected the ship will arrive in British Columbia in late June.

AP reports there was a rare meeting of Muslim, Christian and Jewish scholars in Qatar where Muslim sheikdom opened one of the Gulf’s first scholarly centres dedicated to interfaith dialogue. According to AP this rare meeting is another sign of Qatar’s efforts to present a moderate image in its bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

China Daily reports the seven host cities of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games pledged Thursday to open “green channels” for consumers’ complaints during the Games. They will establish a coordination mechanism for dealing with consumers’ disputes to provide better environment for the Olympics. Offices will be set up near Olympic venues, in major shopping and catering areas, and tourist attractions, to deal with complaints. There will also be more supervision on products and services related to the Games. The organizations in the seven cities will be able to exchange information, share responses and reconcile disputes.

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