New Beijing 2008 Olympic Logo Revealed – Represents Humanity

The new Beijing 2008 Olympic Games emblem will include a single Chinese character on a traditional Chinese seal-cutting with the words “Beijing 2008” written in an eastern-style brush stroke. A copy of the logo, scheduled for official launch August 3, has been obtained by and its registration has been confirmed in trademark databases in the United States and Europe.

The stick-figure that comprises the logo looks like a runner and also mimics the Chinese character “wen” meaning humanity (renwen) or culture (wenhua). Some observers said it also resembles the character “jing” meaning capital, or Beijing.

The entire emblem could represent the ancient Chinese art of seal-cutting which dates back 3,700 years to the Yin Dynasty and has its origin in the cutting of oracle inscriptions on tortoise shells. Seals were used as a personal “signature” as well as for official documents.

The emblem was originally scheduled for launch on May 25, 2003 but was delayed due to the outbreak of the SARS virus in China. It had been approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on March 28 when IOC president Jacques Rogge described it as “Young, dynamic – bringing together the historical and cultural heritage, as well as the future of China”.

The IOC immediately began worldwide legal processes to protect the mark and the documents appeared in the United States trademark database on June 5. The copy received by is a monochrome legal sketch and was obtained with information from a member of the discussion forums known as JDPinstripes.

The logo was chosen from over 2,000 entries that were received after a logo design contest was launched last July in Beijing at the Olympic Design Conference. The winning entry was chosen by a jury comprising of Chinese and international design experts.

Beijing organizers are planning to launch their major marketing campaign at a ceremony on September 1. IOC president Jacques Rogge is rumored to be one of the top officials to be in attendance.

Beijing 2008 Logo obtained this monochrome legal trademark sketch of the Beijing 2008 emblem.

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