NASA To Plan Lunar Olympic Bid

A source inside the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) yesterday described classified plans to use a bid for the 2036 or 2040 Summer Olympic Games as a catalyst to develop the needed infrastructure for a future community on the Moon. This joint effort by NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and space programs in Russia, China and Canada could become the first International and extraterrestrial Olympic bid.

“The recent plans of the United States and China to return to the Moon have evolved into an effort to establish a permanent research community on the Moon that would require accommodations, utilities, recreational facilities and a transportation infrastructure” an anonymous NASA source revealed.

“The current Space Shuttle program is due to be discontinued by 2010, but a new kind of shuttle that is capable of carrying commercial passengers will be in service well before 2036, allowing for tourism and the hosting of the Olympics.”

The preparations for a lunar bid would be unlike any other project on Earth and would likely require more than the traditional seven-year lead-time the IOC generally allows in the bid process. At least two decades would be required to prepare for such an event.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) officials weren’t immediately available to comment on whether such a bid would be accepted or if they would adjust the bidding process to select the Moon as a host that far in advance. Currently, multinational bids are frowned-upon by the IOC.

The initial grandiose plans will certainly be a challenge. Terrain requirements would be fulfilled through complex terraforming, something that previously only existed in science fiction. An artificial Olympic river and lake would be created for the water events such as rowing and kayaking and a complex system of domes over the venues would be used to maintain an earthlike atmosphere and help protect people from potentially dangerous cosmic rays. Experts are currently looking into methods of simulating Earth’s stronger gravity.

“Some of the events may still need to be hosted on Earth – such as sailing – and the number of athletes and spectators will be less than traditional Games”, the source reluctantly admitted.

“But athletes will have plenty of time to prepare for the unique environment and this will help contribute to the environmental research required for people to eventually live, work and play in space. It will happen anyways, with or without the Olympics.”

A spaceport, athletes’ village, monorail system, stadium, hotels and other buildings would be required and would create an important, lasting legacy forming the first-ever off-Earth community. Plans also include other tourist facilities such as golf courses, and maybe even an amusement park.

NASA insiders say that not only would this be an excellent opportunity for the IOC to be part of Mankind’s future, it will also allow the multi-billion dollar Olympic industry to help get it done sooner and better.

“The massive combined budgets of the space agencies and the Olympics will be enough to get this done over a reasonable timeframe. Americans love the Olympics and space exploration and we believe they will be 100% behind this project”.

Could this be a stepping-stone to an Olympic Winter Games on Mars? Imagine downhill skiing on the highest mountain in the Solar System, the 24 KM high and appropriately named “Olympus Mons”.

Editor’s Note: This article was an April Fool’s Day feature, and is not factual. We hope you enjoyed it. For more information please read Is A Moon Olympic Bid Lunacy? Let Time Decide.