Jaca 2014 Praised By Atlantic Pyrenees General Council

Francis Jean Lasalle, a member of the Atlantic Pyrenees General Council, has written a letter to Jaca 2014 officially confirming his unconditional support for Jaca’s 2014 Winter Olympic Games bid.

In the letter Lasalle praised Jaca’s bid, encouraging bid officials to win the 2014 Winter Games for the Pyrenees.

Enrique Villarroya, Mayor of Jaca and President of the Jaca 2014 Foundation, said he was very satisfied and proud “to count with the support of this French institution”.

He said winning the Games would increase both the economic development of not only the Aragonese Pyrenees but also the adjacent regions. It would also intensify the cultural, economic and human relations, tourism, and the “environment protection and sustainability, all together offering a common vision of the full region to the world”.

In his letter Councillor Lasalle said the human, economic and cultural impact of such a great sporting event will change not only the future of Jaca and Aragon but will have a great impact all over the Pyrenees. He said the Atlantic Pyrenees General Council believes that the Jaca 2014 legacy for the Pyrenees “will suppose our economic development and relationship consolidation”.

According to a recent study 91.4 per cent of Aragonese support Jaca’s bid.

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