Giant Bid Logo Unveiled

Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman posed for photographers Thursday standing on top of a giant version of the Toronto Olympic Bid logo painted on the sidewalk at Nathan Phillips Square in front of Toronto’s City Hall.

Lastman said the design is a symbol of what the city is all about. “It gets across the message that we’re the city with spirit and pride” he said, calling Beijing dirty by comparison. Beijing is considered the leader in the race to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

Lastman said “the pollution is bad, the water is bad…here you can get people in. There’s no better place for the Olympics in 2008 than the City of Toronto”.

Toronto’s colourful mayor, a strong supporter of Toronto’s Olympic bid, has said one of the reasons he is running for re-election for another three-year-term as Toronto’s mayor is to be around should Toronto be selected to host the 2008 Games.

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