Garbage Groups Threaten TO-Bid, Bury Moose

The Toronto Summer Games Web Site (TSG) has received a copy of a letter sent to Toronto’s Olympic Bid Committee from the Adams Mine Intervention Coalition which says that should Toronto city council “vote next week to send their garbage north to the Temiskaming District, all opponents to this proposal will work to derail the Olympic Bid and we will be sending a delegation to the IOC headquarters in Switzerland. This will be unfortunate, since we do believe that the Olympic Games would be a beneficial and positive project for Toronto and Ontario, however, by shipping Toronto trash north, you are destroying our image, our economy, our water and our livelihoods”. Copies of the letter were sent to Toronto’s mayor Mel Lastman and Toronto city councillor Jack Layton.

The letter goes on to say that the Olympic “Supporting Principles” with respect to the environment, run completely contrary to the reality of the situation should the Adams Mine site be selected.

Thursday morning, members of SCAM (Stop Considering the Adams Mine) continued the protest by burying one of Toronto’s decorative moose with plastic bags filled with garbage. The group is also distributing thousands of flyers urging Torontonians to call the city’s mayor telling him that “the garbage train is way off track”.

A decision on the matter will be made by Toronto City Council the beginning of August.

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