Coalition Group Targets Toronto’s Olympic Bid

First it was Bread, now its garbage. The Adams Mine Intervention Coalition is threatening to embarrass Toronto in its bid to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

At issue is a proposal to convert an abandoned mine near Kirkland Lake in Northern Ontario, into a garbage dump.

Some group members have already sent letters to the International Olympic Committee. Group spokesman Pierre Belanger promised another scathing letter would be sent if the Adams Mine proposal is approved when Toronto city council makes its decision at the beginning of August.

And a series of radio, television and newspaper ads are expected to highlight how Toronto’s decision to send 1.3 million tons of garbage yearly to the open pit mine is at odds with the International Olympic Committee’s goal of finding a green host for the 2008 Olympic Games.

The group has launched a web site ( which promises to provide up-too-date information. The site also has a discussion page and several links, including a link to the e-mail list of all Toronto City Councillors.

Another activist group, the Bread Not Circuses coalition group, is one of the reasons Toronto failed to secure the 1996 Olympic Games.

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