CBC To Provide Live Sydney Coverage

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has paid $160 million for the rights to broadcast five Olympic Games, starting with Sydney, and will be airing the 2000 Sydney Games early in the evening and through the night until early morning.

Sydney is 15 hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Saving Time and many medal events will be between midnight and eight a.m. EDT.

The CBC will also broadcast athlete profiles as well as features on Australia.

Because CBC is partnering with TSN, CBC Olympic executive producer Joel Darling said “We’re still going to have problems of trying to get some sports on that don’t get as many viewers or doesn’t have that strong fan base, but there are people out there who love to watch show jumping, dressage or table tennis. Now we’ll be able to put some of those sports on TSN”.

CBC is projecting that 96 per cent of Canadians will tune into the network’s coverage at some point during the Games.

The entire CBC crew, including TSN, comprises 183 people.