Catalan Supports Madrid 2012

Pasqual Maragall, head of Catalan’s regional government, met with Madrid’s Mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon Wednesday and expressed full support for Madrid’s bid for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

Last month Josep Lius Carod Rovira, a Catalan politician, said the Catalan people should not support the Madrid bid after claiming the state has been trying to prevent the recognition of separate Catalan federations in international sports bodies. But Thursday Carod Rovira said he regretted suggesting that Catalan should not support Madrid’s bid, saying he was having a “bad moment”.

Maragall was quoted as saying in a bid committee statement, “the Catalan government is 100 per cent behind Madrid 2012. We think that Madrid has real chances of being elected and we are sure that Madrid can and must organize the Olympic Games”.

The mayor said Madrid wants to share the Games with “the whole of Spain” including Catalonia.

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