Beijing Taxi Drivers Become 2008 Bid “Envoys”

It might just be an idea for Toronto’s Olympic bid committee. Taxi companies in Beijing have unanimously agreed to place brochures about Beijing’s 2008 Olympic bid in their taxis, publicizing information about the city’s strength in economy, sport, culture, and political stability.

Heads of 30 taxi companies reached an agreement last month to turn their taxis into “envoys of Beijing’s Olympic bid” and other taxi companies agreed to do so soon after.

Passengers will be able to read a variety of printed material in both English and Chinese about Beijing and its Olympic bid. Domestic and international travelers can obtain information about the timetable of the bidding process, why Beijing is a strong candidate, and the city’s efforts to win the bid.

Beijing has more than 1,000 taxi companies with 67,000 taxies and nearly 100,000 drivers.

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