Beijing 2008 Update

Subscribers who purchased tickets to the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games in the third round of domestic sales will have an extra 10 days to pay following Monday’s earthquake, said Games organizers. The tickets were to have been paid for by last Tuesday, but now the deadline is May 23. The online booking system will continue until the planned end of the third phase of domestic sales on June 9, although tickets to events in Beijing and Hong Kong have already sold out.

More than 5,000 translators are on standby for the Games, Beijing 2008 organizers said Thursday. Zhao Huimin, director of the international relations department, told reporters that BOCOG will provide 53 language services as well as the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) official languages of French and English.

Preparations for the Paralympic Games are progressing smoothly said Tang Ziaoquan, executive vice president of BOCOG and President of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation. He said Wednesday that 18 venues for the Paralympic Games were selected from the Olympic Games. There are another two venues in Qingdao and the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong. The timetable for the Paralympics has been made by the International Paralympic Games Committee (IPC) and the Entries and Qualifications policies have been completed. The ticket plan will be launched on the International Day of Disabled Persons – the third Sunday in May. Tickets to the Paralympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies went on sale last December.

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