Beijing 2008 Update

Beijing 2008 organizers have targeted $70 million from merchandising for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, BOCOG Marketing Department Director Yuan Bin said Wednesday. About 4,000 products, most featuring the five “Fuwa” mascots, are already on sale in more than 500 outlets in 70 cities around the countries and licensed goods are also now on sale overseas. Licensed products will generate $50 million and $20 million will come from coins and stamps. The marketing program comprises 11 Beijing 2008 partners, nine Beijing 2008 sponsors, 15 Beijing 2008 exclusive suppliers and suppliers, 11 Worldwide Olympic Partners, one international sponsor and one international supplier.

Beijing is to recruit Chinese speaking volunteers worldwide said BOCOG Executive Vice President Li Binghua Wednesday. The committee will launch the international recruitment program later this month and Chinese embassies in foreign countries will help with the applications. Li said that at least 5,000 “professional volunteers” are needed to provide interpretation and company service exclusively for VIPS at the Games.

Officials have announced that a rehearsal for next year’s Beijing 2008 Olympic torch relay over Mount Qomolangma would be held this year. The announcement has sparked debate on the damage to the local environment, but a national legislator and senior official of Tibet said Wednesday the flame ignition and torch relay will not harm the local environment.

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