Beijing 2008 – Tickets, Ambush Marketing

The BBC reports that tickets for the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games are being sold illegally on the Internet. It appears that those who were initially allowed to purchase 50 tickets each are cashing in by selling them for more than 10 times their face value. Beijing 2008 allows tickets to be transferred between users, but not for profit.

People who break the rule face 10-15 days detention and a fine of 1,000 yuan said the state media.

According to the BBC, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) says it’s up to the Chinese authorities to prevent people from making money be reselling tickets. The IOC says the Chinese have the means to do this because each ticket has a tag that identifies the initial buyer.

Spokeswoman Emmanuelle Moreau said, “given that the tickets can be tracked down, we hope this will deter people from selling them on”.

Meanwhile sales of tickets resumed Monday, almost six weeks after an online stampeded of orders shut down the booking system, said officials. Olympic media centre head Li Zhanjun said, “everything is running smoothly”.

There will be a third phase of tickets starting next April.

Individual national Olympic committees will manage overseas sales.

A symposium on anti-ambush marketing for the Beijing 2008 Games was held Monday where BOCOG issued a written proposal aimed at joint anti-ambush marketing.

Representatives of the Olympic worldwide partners and the partners and sponsors of the Beijing 2008 Games accepted the proposal.

The proposal states that the Olympic worldwide partners and Beijing 2008 Olympic partners do not engage in any kind of activity that would promote ambush marketing; the various industry associations actively develop Olympic brand protection as well as activities and promotional efforts surrounding anti-ambush marketing education; and advertising agencies should increase their understanding of Olympic marketing regulations, respect professional ethics, and not engage in ambush marketing activities.

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