Bangkok Bid Web Site Officially On-Line

Bangkok’s Web site is now official. The site was launched recently in a ceremony at the World Trade Centre. The site, at is colourful, informative and will be updated daily with news and press releases.

Bangkok’s Olympic bid symbol, depicted on the site, is based on Thailand’s tradition Malai, in official Olympic colours. The Malai expresses peace, respect and friendship and is the Thai people’s warm gesture of welcome to visitors.

The Suan Dusit Poll, featured on the site, involving 423 businessmen from more than 200 companies, says that almost 90 per cent of businessmen want Thailand to host the Olympic Games to promote tourism and set up higher standards of national sports.

In a previous survey members of the sports community approved the Olympic bid by 89.11 per cent and 91.82 per cent believed hosting the 2008 Olympics would have noticeable effect on the country.