Approval Of Toronto’s Waterfront Redevelopment Boosts Toronto’s Bid

Toronto is now one step closer to hosting the 2008 Summer Games. Thursday night, Toronto City Council approved in principle a proposed $12-million waterfront development plan. The vote was 44 to one, with Toronto city councillor Michael Walker, a consistent opponent of the Olympic bid, the lone dissenter.

Toronto’s Mayor Mel Lastman had urged city council to approve the plan to stengthen Toronto’s Olympic bid. Lastman said “they want to say to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) that council is in favour in principle of the waterfront and we want you to put us on the short list”.

Council’s approval will allow city officials to begin negotiations with the federal and provincial governments how each government might contribute to the redevelopment, how it will be implemented, and how the key waterfront properties that each level of government owns will fit into the scheme.