Air Canada Could Cause Olympic Problems

Air Canada, the official airline of the Canadian Olympic Association (COA), is responsible for getting most of the Canadian athletes, coaches and officials to the Sydney Olympics. But Air Canada’s well-publicized problems are making the athletes and officials nervous.

In recent weeks a kayaker’s canoe was temporarily lost on a trip to Europe, a $10,200 custom-made rowing scull arrived in Victoria two week’s late, and the Canadian rowing team has an insurance claim pending for a large number of oars broken in transit on an Air Canada flight home from Europe.

COA spokesperson Dina Bell said the COA has been in touch with Air Canada and will have a contingency plan in place if action is taken by the Air Canada pilots, who can begin a work-to-rule campaign or stage a walkout as of September 1. She said “we’re going to do everything we can to make sure it’s a seamless and smooth transition for all the team members”.