2024 Olympic Host To Be Chosen in Lima, Peru

Reporting from the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco – The city of Lima, Peru has been elected to host the 130th IOC Session in 2017.  Lima obtained 54 of the 84 IOC votes cast.  Helsinki, Finland was the only other city on the ballot and won 30 votes.

The host city of the 2024 Olympic Games will be elected in Lima.

Lima lost out to Kuala Lumpur when it bid last for the IOC Session in 2015, but were hoping for better results this time to parallel their follow-up bid for the Pan American Games that the city won last year – they’ll host that in 2019.  This was Lima’s third bid for the Session.

Lima's Estadio Nacional (Press Photo)
Lima’s Estadio Nacional (Press Photo)

Lima is already set to host high profile events including a policy-setting IMF-World Bank meeting in 2015, and the 2016 APEC Summit.

The city has planned the entire Session and IOC accommodations under a single roof.

Helsinki last hosted an IOC Session in 1952 in conjunction with their Olympic Games.  2017 marks Finland’s 100th anniversary.  The city has been chosen to host many important meetings and historical summits because it is safe and central.

Helsinki’s had planned for two IOC hotels within 15 minutes of the meeting and a reception with the head of state at the Presidential Palace.

Finland’s IOC Member Peter Tallberg was unable to attend the presentation in Monaco due to an illness.

The IOC had originally planned to elect the Session host at an earlier meeting but reportedly delayed the process to allow for more candidates to join.  Mexico had been in contention to host but abandoned its plans earlier in the year.

Lima bid for 130th IOC Session in 2017 where 2024 Olympic Host will be chosen
Lima won its bid for 130th IOC Session in 2017 where 2024 Olympic Host will be chosen

The 130th IOC Session in 2017 will elect the site of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, culminating a campaign due to begin September 15, 2015.  Cities already interested in getting on the ballot include Doha, Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Budapest, a South African candidate, Berlin or Hamburg in Germany and Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Washington in the United States.

Sessions and bid elections usually draw many high profile celebrities, athletes and heads of state – including in the recent past U.S. President Barack Obama, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Royalty from Japan and Spain – as well as about 100 influential IOC members.

The next IOC Session will be held starting July 31, 2015 in Kuala Lumpur.

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