Trinidad And Tobago Won’t Bid For 2018 Commonwealth Games

Larry Romany, president of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC), confirmed a move not to submit a bid for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Last year he had indicated that the TTOC was seriously considering submitting a bid to the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF).

The Caribbean Games scheduled for July 12-19 was supposed to be a litmus test as to the readiness of T&T to lodge an official Commonwealth Games, reports the Trinidad Express.

The government withdrew T&T as Caribbean Games hosts last month because of concerns surrounding the H1N1 virus, a decision which the TTOC fully supported on the basis of the Ministry of Health’s Pan American Health Organisation’s, and World Health Organisation’s concerns and recommendations.

“As valid and legitimate as the reason for withdrawing may have been, the international and regional fallout from T&T’s failure to deliver the Games is negative. There is no credible way we could have progressed a bid. It simply would not get the required local, Caribbean and International support. It would have been an exercise in futility, ego and irresponsibility” said Romany.

Romany said he believes that important lessons were learned from the Caribbean Games failure.

Romany said, “there were a number of issues that came to the surface. Unless and until these are honestly and transparently addressed, progressing a Commonwealth bid would be foolhardy and ill advised. The TTOC is preparing a comprehensive, transparent and accountable report on the Caribbean Games. I remain confident that the TTOC can withstand objective scrutiny of its conduct, processes and policies as it related to all aspects of the ill fated Caribbean Games”.

He added that the TTOC will have to ensure that it can provide answers when asked to do so at upcoming Olympic and Commonwealth movement meetings, reports the Trinidad Express.