Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games Athletes’ Village Announced

At a press conference Sunday, Toronto’s bid committee for the 2015 Pan American Games officially announced the location of the Athlete’s Village, should the city be successful in its bid.

The proposed village will be located at Toronto’s West Don Lands.

The village could accommodate up to 8,500 athletes and team officials in a single, centrally located area, and could include the following components – sport and recreation facilities such as a recreation centre, a 50 metre pool, a 400 metre track, parkland and walking/running/cycling trails; an accreditation centre to process athletes, team officials and visitors; as well as retail space, restaurants, a medical centre, banks, entertainment areas and other conveniences.

One the Games are over the Athlete’s Village is expected to become part of a new community of “high quality affordable housing and marketing units already planned for the West Don Lands” said a Toronto 2015 press release.

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