Toronto 2015 Pan Am Bid Scores At CANOC

The Toronto 2015 Pan Am bid came out a winner when the bid’s international competitors failed to take advantage of a “prime lobbying opportunity” before the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC) general assembly last weekend.

According to the Hamilton Spectator, bid president Jagoda Pike and the Canadian delegation had exclusive time at the assembly, where half of the delegates that were there are to vote on the host city for the 2015 Pan Am Games later this year.

Pike said, “we were the only ones to present”.

Toronto 2015’s competitors, Lima Peru and Bogota Colombia, were invited to present to 25 countries, about 20 of them members of the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) which will award the 2015 Games. CANOC chairperson Steve Stoute said, “they told me they were coming, but they didn’t show up”. He said the only plausible reason for their absence is that “they think everyone in the Caribbean will vote for Canada”.

Pike said the Toronto 2015 delegation was able to get lots of lobbying in, noting “we were very well received’.

Chris Rudge, CEO of the Canadian Olympic Committee, attending the CANOC meetings stressed “opportunities like this to directly speak to and share ideas with voting delegates don’t come around that often”, but added Canada’s bid through Toronto 2015 can’t worry about what the opposition is doing. “We’ve got to focus on our own bid and I think we’re in pretty good shape”.