Ontario Premier Launches 2015 Pan Am Bid In Beijing

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is in Beijing to promote Southern Ontario’s bid for the 2015 Pan American Games.

The Premier appeared Wednesday at a Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) luncheon to officially launch the bid, which included 20 Pan American countries.

He said after the lunch, “Canada has a very strong brand in the international community, and I’ve discovered there’s a lot of support for us. There’s more to be done obviously. We’re going to have to make a formal presentation in Acapulco at some point in time (likely in October), but there is a warm receptivity, shall I say, for Toronto and region in hosting the 2015 Pan American Games”, reports the Hamilton Spectator Wire Service.

COC President Mike Chambers called it a home run. He said, “we’re absolutely thrilled at the reception we got for the bid”.

McGuinty said it would be premature to count the number of supporters the bid has, given the vote isn’t expected until the middle of next year. He said, “this is a matter of establishing personal relationships, of plant our flag and making it known to everybody and we are serious and determined. And the fact we just recently received the support of the federal government was absolutely critical and vital to making sure this is well received”.