Nigeria Urged To Bid For 2018 Commonwealth Games

Although it lost the 2014 Commonwealth Games to Glasgow, Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) president Mike Fennel said prior to Wednesday’s meeting of the federation that he had assurances from President Umaru Yar’Adua that Nigeria would bid for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

He told a meeting of the African group, “Yar’Adua had sought my honest view of whether the country should still bid again. I told him that if Nigeria fails to bid again, all the gains of the 2014 bid would be lost.

“I was frank in telling him that the experiences that the country gained in the run up to the failed bid were vital in propelling a fresh bid for the 2018 Games. It was there and then that he re-assured me that Nigeria would bid again”. Fennel added that the Nigerian leader then directed his principal officers to prepare to launch a fresh bid, reports an African website.

Nigeria also reportedly has come under pressure to bid for the games from all other African members of the CGF.

Regional Vice President of CGF, Abdolie Touray, said that Nigeria should not be afraid to bid again, adding, “we know that Nigeria has capacity and resources to host the event. If only we can work on the pitfalls of the former bid Nigeria can bring the Games for the first time to Africa”.