Manchester Could Join Liverpool 2022 Commonwealth Games Bid

Brian Barwick (centre) appointed Chair of Liverpool's Commonwealth Games Bid (Liverpool 2026 Photo)

Brian Barwick (centre) appointed Chair of Liverpool’s Commonwealth Games Bid (Liverpool 2026 Photo)

Liverpool officials say they are open to teaming up with Manchester to bid for 2022 Commonwealth Games, city Mayor Joe Anderson said Saturday after the British government confirmed that it will be entering the race.

“The government will consider multi-city proposals, as well as applications from individual cities which will be assessed to ensure they offer value for money” a government statement said.

“The process will end later in the year when the government will decide if the UK will put forward a formal bid.”

British officials are expected to inform the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) of its intentions to bid ahead of the April 28th deadline, a date set to accept applications to replace Durban after the South African city lost its right to host the first Games in Africa when it missed critical milestones and payments.

Manchester hosted the 2002 edition of the Games and has a legacy of key venues, including a velodrome, that could be again leveraged to host events in 2022.  A joint bid would cut costs and risks, something that could be important as the CGF rushes to find a suitable host to organize the Games in a shortened timeline.

North Beach in Durban, South Africa (GamesBids Photo)

Durban was stripped of the Commonwealth Games earlier this year (GamesBids Photo)

Birmingham, the UK city that along with Liverpool had already been planning a 2026 bid, is also expected to be preparing a bid for the 2022 Games.  If the earlier Games goes to the UK, the 2026 opportunity would likely dissolve as the CGF is reluctant to award back-to-back Games to the same nation.

London, by leveraging the 2012 Olympics venue legacy, is also said to be in the running.

British officials are expected to meet May 9 to discuss which city will be forwarded to the CGF as a nomination.

Internationally, Australia is considering a bid from among proposals from Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, but with the 2018 Games to be held in Gold Coast next year it is more probable the CGF would select a city from another nation.

Canadian Commonwealth Games officials are also open to forwarding a bid – but the most likely contender, Toronto, failed to fast-track support for the proposal when city council voted to instead to send the issue for further study.

The CGF is expected to name Durban’s replacement by mid-year.

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