Lima, Peru Prepared To Host 2015 Pan Am Games

Arturo Woodman, head of the Peruvian Institute of Sport, told AFP last week that Lima has modern infrastructure and the support of all Peruvians in its bid for the 2015 Pan American Games.

While rejecting criticism that Lima is not designed to host the 2015 Games, Woodman said, “we have modern infrastructure, tourism” and security for thousands of visitors to the 2015 Games, “unlike the other candidate cities such as Bogota and Toronto”.

He added, “the president of the Colombian Olympic Committee, Baltazar Medina, said a few days ago that we are not prepared. This is false. We are ready to show the members of the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) that what we say in the technical project, it is true”.

Lima is at sea level, has coliseums in Dibos, Bonilla, Miguel Grau, Union, and the equestrian centre. It also has a coliseum built for 10,000 people, which, according to a press report, will be one of the best in South America.

Woodman said Lima’s bid has all Peruvians involved, including President Alan Garcia and the Mayor of Lima, Luis Castaneda Lossio.

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