Kingston Pitches Sailing Venue For Toronto 2015 Pan Am Bid

The Ontario city of Kingston wants to host sailing events should Toronto host the 2015 Pan American Games.

Although only cities located in the “Golden Horseshoe” area of Ontario are participating in the bid, a Kingston newspaper reports that Kingston Economic Development Corporation sport tourism manager Gary Kelly has submitted a letter to the Pan Am bid group to pitch Portsmouth Olympic Harbour as the venue for the sailing competition.

He said Wednesday, “the bid committee is going to get together and look at what sites want to host what things. It’s more or less a Golden Horseshoe bid. Whether we can get sailing or not I’m not sure, but we definitely have the facilities to host it”.

Kingston has hosted major sailing events including the competition at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games.

Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games secretariat Liz Borowiec said a dozen Ontario communities have expressed interest in being part of the bid.

The newspaper reports that bid chairman and former Ontario Premier David Peterson, and bid COO Jagoda Pike are expected to finalize venues for all sports before submitting the official bid in April.

Although Kingston is outside the Golden Horseshoe area, Kelly said he believes the sailing facility’s readiness could make it attractive to bid organizers. He added, “it would bring in tourism dollars and we could add it to the growing list of events we are hosting here. It also gives people an opportunity to volunteer at a big event”.