Hambantota Reacts To 2018 Commonwealth Games Loss

Despite losing its bid for the 2018 Commonwealth Games to the Gold Coast, Sri Lanka plans to continue its large-scale investment set out in its bid.

Ajith Nivard Cabraal, Hambantota 2018 Organising Committee Co-Chairman, said in a press release, “it is disappointing of course that we will not see a Hambantota Games in 2018. But we have said all along the bidding for these prestigious Games is a key part of an exciting and progressive journey in Sri Lanka. Together we have embarked on a new era. And we will make good our promise to rejuvenate the region regardless of this outcome. We are talking about something transformational, something that will help build a better tomorrow for our people”.

He added that Hambantota will become one of five metro cities in Sri Lanka – a strategic hub for economic development, tourism growth and regeneration initiatives. It will be home to a thriving international business and investment centre with a focus on education and sport.

Hambantota 2018 bid leaders congratulated the Gold Coast for winning a “truly sporting contest” and wished them “every success for 2018”.