Golden Horseshoe Focus Of Toronto 2015 Pan Am Bid

Although it’s called the Toronto 2015 Pan Am bid for its name recognition, a report in the National Post says the bid is actually focussing on the Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario.

According to the newspaper, while the city of Toronto would be the site of some of the venues, a report to be considered by the city of Toronto’s executive committee next week proposes that all of the city’s $50 million spending in building new facilities and renewing old ones would take place “far beyond the downtown core”.

Toronto City Councillor Michael Thompson said, “it provides an amazing opportunity for those areas that are sort of considered as (playing) a supporting role to the downtown core of the city of Toronto. I believe this could serve as a catalyst for really bringing the city of Toronto together. Because we always talk about the need to do that, but we haven’t really had the common thread”.

Toronto is lending its name recognition to the $1.7 billion bid, which is backed by both the provincial and federal governments, but according to the National Post events will be staged across the Golden Horseshoe region from St. Catharines to Hamilton, to Barrie to Oshawa.