Gold Coast, Hambantota, Respond To CGF Evaluation Report On 2018 Bids

Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke reportedly said he was encouraged by a new report on the city’s bid for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

ABC reports the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) considered 15 issues relating to the bids from the Gold Coast and Hambantota, Sri Lanka. The evaluation commission assessment included finance, security, transport and venues.

The report says the Gold Coast presents a low risk while a Games in Hambantota presents a medium to high risk.

Clarke said the Gold Coast should not get carried away with the assessment. “We just have to keep going. I think the risk factor is we’ve always said pretty obviously a difference between the two but one’s a field of dreams, the other one’s a field of reality. I still feel that the only way to go forward is with the Gold Coast”.

Meanwhile Hambantota 2018 CEO/Director Nalin Attygalle said, “we know there is still a great deal of work to be done in the final race to the finishing line but we welcome the finding that we meet every single technical requirement.

“We are particularly encouraged that the report says the environment and sustainability elements of the proposal are sound, underpinned by a solid organizing committee framework”.

He added, “there is a seven year period to get ready for the Games. I believe strongly that the whole experience hinges not on being event-ready now but on getting ready over seven years. There are enormous opportunities for young people to train, for businesses to grow, for venues to be constructed and for legacies to be planned. The Games should aspire to deliver these and create a life-changing Games”.