Doha 2030 Hosts Workshops To Share Asian Games Bid Plans With NOCs

This week organizers behind Doha’s bid to host the Asian Games in 2030 held virtual workshops to share plans with partner National Olympic Committees (NOC) across Asia.

Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar

To maximize participation and facilitate an interactive dialogue, three workshops were held that were optimized for time zone and language differences.

Doha 2030 Chair HE Sheikh Joaan Bin Hamad Al-Thani facilitated the workshops that described plans to create the best conditions for athletes and provide valuable legacy programs for all of Asia, helping local NOCs overcome current challenges.  These legacy benefits are intended to begin in 2021, leveraging existing legacy from the 2006 Asian Games that were also hosted in the Qatar capital.

Doha is only facing neighbouring Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh for the right to host the Games when the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) votes for a winner during a virtual General Assembly to be held from Muscat, Oman on December 16.

Riyadh has never hosted the Games, but both cities say hosting the event is a national priority and part of long-term plans.

Doha 2030

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to meet with our Asian NOC colleagues and friends and have a two-way conversation about our bid,” Sheikh Joaan said.

“At Doha 2030 we are committed to incorporating the feedback of the NOC family into our plans, every step of the way.  These workshops are just the latest example of that and are a chance to hear NOC feedback before our final presentation in Oman.

“If we have the honour of being awarded the Asian Games this process of collaboration will of course continue through and beyond 2030.

“As we have always made clear, our ambition is for Doha 2030 to unite Asian NOCs and celebrate our continent’s wonderful diversity.  We are stronger when we are together and when we support and respect each other.”

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