CGF In Kuala Lumpur To Inspect Potential 2022 Commonwealth Games Facilities

A three-person delegation from the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Wednesday to kick off a two day-visit set to examine the city’s potential to host a Commonwealth Games in 2022, or further in the future.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia hosted an IOC Session in 2015 (GamesBids Photo)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia hosted an IOC Session in 2015 and is investigating possible bids for the Commonwealth Games (GamesBids Photo)

A delegation led by CGF CEO David Grevemberg, and accompanied by David Leather and Johan Baker will inspect venues and open a dialogue around the requirements to host the Games.

The CGF team also visited Canada last week to review interest in hosting the 2022 Games from Toronto and Victoria, and are expected to speak to two British bids from Birmingham and Liverpool, and potentially Australian bids Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne before a bid deadline in August.

Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) President Tunku Imran said discussions are still in the early stages

“We have been asked by CGF whether we have any interest to host the Games. We say we like to learn more of the cost factor and whether we have the right facilities to host the Games,” Imran told The Star

“The delegates will submit a report on the cost to host the 2022 or maybe 2026 Games, which they will submit to us. And we (OCM) will then forward the report to the government.

Durban 2022 Commonwealth Games Bid

Durban was stripped of the 2022 Commonwealth Games

“This is a good selection process by the CGF as they will be able to get the right city to host the Games.”

“We need the support of the government to host the Games. No country can go organise the Games without the financial support of the government.”

On Tuesday a Toronto Economic Development Committee warned its City Council against bidding for the Games saying that it was unlikely to secure funding from the Federal and Provincial governments ahead of the set deadlines.  After missing financial deadlines Durban, South Africa was stripped of the 2022 Games that the city was awarded almost two years ago and now the CGF is hurrying to source a replacement host.

Both British cities had already been preparing to bid for the 2026 Games and are considered to be in stronger positions to be named as the replacement host.

Kuala Lumpur hosted the 1998 edition of the Commonwealth Games for the first time in Asia.  Gold Coast, Australia is preparing to stage the 2018 Games.

The CGF is expected to choose the host city before the end of the year.

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