Birmingham Prepares Commonwealth Games Bid

The BBC reports Birmingham City Council is preparing a bid for the 2022 or 2026 Commonwealth Games.

Steve Hollingsworth, the city’s assistant director of sport and events, says bringing the games to the West Midlands could provide a lasting legacy. He told the BBC, “it’s about regeneration for the city, raising our game and making sure we’re on a world stage. We are seriously looking at it – realistically you’re looking at 2022 or 2026 being in mind for us”.

Birmingham failed in its bid for the Olympic Games. The city was beaten by Barcelona in 1992.

Hollingsworth said he was optimistic that the Commonwealth Games would be a viable proposition with the upgrading of many of the sports facilities in the city.

He said, “it’s Glasgow in 2014, then it’s going to go elsewhere, then come back to Britain. We want to be in a position to bid for it when it’s Britain’s next turn and I think 2022 is probably the earliest but 2026 more realistic”.

In 2006 the city discussed a Commonwealth Games bid and set up a four-member delegation.