Adelaide Considering a 2030 Commonwealth Games Bid

A committee with representatives from various sporting organizations has been formed to consider a bid from South Australia’s Adelaide for the 2030 Commonwealth Games, and to audit existing sports facilities.

The Adelaide Oval is being considered for a South Australia Commonwealth Games Bid (Photo: Michael Coghlan)

The Adelaide Oval is being considered for a South Australia Commonwealth Games Bid (Photo: Michael Coghlan)

Premier Jay Weatherill said the process could take the next couple of years, “we know that we do have great stadiums, we do have the capacity to put on a great set of sporting events – we’ve demonstrated that in the past and so we’ll be working through that on a bipartisan basis because this will require a commitment across both major parties across a number of decades.”

Should Adelaide bid, the Adelaide Oval would utuilized along with the state-of-the-art Marion Swimming Centre which recently hosted national trials that doubled as Olympic qualifiers.

Weatherill explained that other sports facilities would need to be built or upgraded.

He said, “it will require a big investment in sporting facilities, there’s no doubt about that, but a lot of these facilities that we would be aspiring to upgrade in any event.  You’ve got to remember there are massive benefits that also flow into the state.”

He added, “we’re going to have a very close look at it.  We think that we should be a state that aspires to host the Commonwealth Games.

“We’ll be the only (mainland) state that hasn’t when it swings around again in 2030.  We think that is a timeline that is realistic.”

The 2018 Commonwealth Games will be hosted on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.  Adelaide last bid for the Commonwealth Games in 1998 but Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia won the election by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF).

Glasgow hosted the last Games in 2014 and Durban is set to host the 2022 edition after Edmonton, Canada dropped out of the running last year leaving the South African city as the sole applicant.

The CGF will likely select its 2030 host city in 2024.

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