A Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games?

The New Zealand Olympic Committee reportedly confirmed Monday that the 13-member Oceania delegation would vote en masse for the Gold Coast hosting the 2018 Commonwealth Games, which would leave it only 23 votes shy of securing the 2018 Games.

The Asian delegates were the last of five groups to visit the Gold Coast. The group left Monday after spending the weekend visiting venues and attractions, reports a Gold Coast website.

According to the New Zealand Olympic Committee website, “the Oceania region has endorsed the Gold Coast bid”.

However Mark Stockwell, head of the Gold Coast bid committee, said he was not counting on support from any delegate group and would be working right up until the announcement to win votes. He said, “I am hoping for the best, but we can’t take anyone for granted. I am very happy with what we have done. I just hope it is enough”.

The Gold Coast needs 36 of the 71 votes to win over Hambantota, Sri Lanka. The winner will be announced in St. Kitts on November 11.