Transition Commission For Softball Independence To Accelerate Olympic Reinstatement

The International Softball Federation (ISF) announced Wednesday the creation of a Transition Commission to help accelerate national softball federations’ independence from other sports, including baseball.

It’s a crucial action in softball’s campaign to be reinstated onto the Olympic program in 2016 following a successful Beijing Olympic Games, said a press release.

The aim of the commission is for all 127 national softball federations to be independent from any other sport by 2010. The updated ISF Code restricts membership to softball-only organizations.

ISF President Don Porter said, “national softball federations deserve as much support as we can provide to ensure that they achieve sustainable independence. The Transition Commission will help national federations by providing commercial, administrative, and operational expertise.

“Softball is a fabulous sport in its own right and it is vital that federations have complete autonomy as soon as possible to ensure that they can implement the softball initiatives we are putting in place.

“This move further confirms our commitment to modernizing softball, a commitment we have pledged continuously to the International Olympic Committee. We are committed to extending the reach of softball to new audiences and build upon the fantastic progress we have made over the past two years”, he said.

Wednesday’s announcement of the Transition Commission is the next step following the ISF’s statement last month on the timeline set for complete separation, with a program offering assistance to help national softball federations achieve compliance within two years.

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