Softball To Go Solo On Olympic Games Bid

Following a meeting Thursday with the International Baseball Federation (IBS) for a combined Olympic bid to be reinstated in the Olympic Games program in 2016, Don Porter, president of the International Softball Federation (ISF), issued a statement Friday.

Porter said in the statement that after looking at all the factors involved, “the ISF has decided that softball will not combine with any other sport and stands by the current proposals to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) submitted in our recent response to their questionnaire.

“The ISF proposal to the IOC is for an elite women’s softball discipline with the option of an elite men’s discipline if desired. We have offered the IOC a doping-free, universal team sport that reflects the values of Olympism all over the world.

“Softball is a global sport governed by a fully independent international federation – the ISF. Softball is also a stand-alone sport with its own rules, values and philosophy”.

He added, “softball enjoyed an incredibly successful Olympic Games in Beijing last year and proved without doubt that, as a stand-alone sport, softball adds great value to the Olympic Games Program”.

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