ISF BackSoftball Task Force Making Good Progress

The ISF BackSoftball Task Force (International Softball Federation) formed to bring softball back to the Olympic Games is making good progress, according to Don Porter, President. He said at a press conference, “the ISF BackSoftball Task Force is very active and we are all studying to make improvements to our sport to show the IOC (International Olympic Committee) that we are open to making changes and looking to always better ourselves.

“Softball encompasses many things that the IOC prefers to see in the Olympic Movement, such as a lack of doping programs, women’s participation, and youth involvement. These qualities are part of the legacy of our sport. We are making good progress and we will continue to make everything better for spectators and the IOC”.

He added, “the ISF is looking for ways to integrate our sport in new countries and we usually start with the school systems. We have provided millions of dollars of equipment to over 90 countries around the world over the past six years.

“We hope that with the legacy of the Games here in China this will help infuse interest for softball to flourish here”.

Porter told the press conference, “I have had opportunities to meet at least 40 IOC members so far (while in Beijing for the Games). We’re glad for them to come out and see us. It took us 29 years, six months and 13 days to get on to the Olympics and now we’ve only got 13 month to get back on”.