Canary Wharf Event To Boost Squash’s Olympic Bid

Squash is campaigning for what it calls a “rightful place” in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, and is hoping the ISS Canary Wharf Squash Classic in London taking place March 23-27 will give its campaign a boost.

The event is in its sixth year and is now one of the main tournaments on the World Tour.

Event co-promoter Peter Nicol, the former world champion, said, “the ISS Canary Wharf Class continues to showcase the sport at the highest level, and this year we are guaranteed a spectacular event, with eight of the world’s top ten players in action. It is wonderful to see the sport of squash uniting in such a powerful and positive way to support the Olympic bid, and the leading players are totally committed to the cause.

“The dedication and commitment they show to their sport matches the core Olympic values and we know that if squash were to be granted a place in the Olympic program then every one of the leading players would want to take part to compete for a gold medal. It would be viewed as the highest accolade in the sport”.

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