Breakdancing Considered Likely New Sport At Paris 2024 Olympics

The youthful street dance style of breakdancing (breaking) has emerged as a likely new addition to the Olympic program at Paris 2024.

Breakdancing considered possible sport at Paris 2024 Olympic Games (World Dancesport Federation Photo)

Breakdancing considered possible sport at Paris 2024 Olympic Games (World Dancesport Federation Photo)

According to FranceInfo, the Paris 2024 organizing committee is in final stage discussions with the World Dancesport Federation regarding the inclusion of breaking to the Olympic sport program in the French capital.

The Paris 2024 organizing committee and the Dancesport Federation have yet to confirm this report.

FranceInfo, in a report last week, also claimed three other sports that were already selected for the Tokyo 2020 program are considered strong contenders to return in 2024 including surfing, climbing and skateboarding.  A final list could be announced as early as Thursday (February 21) before being sent to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for approval.

The recommendations are scheduled to be reviewed by the IOC Executive board at its meeting in Lausanne March 26 before the IOC Session votes to move them forward at the end of June.

Breaking, a genre considered to be part art and part sport, was a popular and successful addition to the Youth Olympic Games held in Buenos Aires last year.  It also checks the boxes described by Paris 2024 who say they are looking for new sports that appeal to the youth of France.

No costly venue would be required for a breakdancing event that could be easily staged in an outdoor urban setting.

As many as twenty Olympic-recognized sport federations have expressed interest in staging an event at the Paris 2024 Games.

Baseball and softball, and karate have a one-time invitation to the Tokyo 2020 Games and they’re expected to fight for a return appearance in Paris.

Squash Launches Fourth Bid, Striving For Inclusion At Paris 2024 Olympics

On Thursday squash launched a new glitzy campaign underlining its fourth consecutive bid to be added to the Olympic sport program.  The previous three proved unsuccessful.

Last week the World Chess Federation (FIDE) announced it would propose that ‘rapid’ and ‘blitz’ formats of chess be staged at the Games, and launched a campaign supporting its bid.

Earlier this month the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) said it would propose its Trial-E event for the Games, an electric motorcycle competition that is similar in concept to mountain biking.

The Fédération Française de Billard (FFB) and the World Snooker Federation (WSF) in December launched a campaign for snooker to be staged in Paris after failing to have it added to the Tokyo 2020 program.

Boules Sport, a French version of lawn bowling, is also actively promoting a bid for Paris 2024 inclusion.

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