Thousands of Companies Pledge Support To Rome 2024 Olympic Bid

Rome 2024 Olympic Bid Logo

Rome 2024 Olympic Bid Logo

Lorenzo Tagliavanti, President of the Chamber of Commerce, advised Rome 2024 bid President Luca di Montezemolo during a meeting Tuesday, that 474,000 companies in Rome will support its 2024 Summer Olympic bid.

Montezemolo said, “a wonderful idea, because it expresses the strong unity behind our bid.  We need everyone’s support, starting from the companies of the capital to share initiatives that can improve the city starting from now”.

He said “this event is a challenge that can help Rome.  The 1960 Games are an example of how many infrastructure works built for that event are important elements for the city today.  There is a great cooperation around Rome’s Olympic project.  We shared our choices with the Federations, Government, local municipalities, schools and universities.  The candidature file was also approved by the environmental associations.  The Rome Olympics have to be a zero emission project and be an impetus to the development of sport particularly in the outskirts of the city”.

Tagliavanti added, “we’ll be part of the team, the bid can count on our support.  The Olympic and Paralympic Games are the greatest sport event internationally but also a strong emotional event that receives attention from the entire world.”

“The Roma 2024 bid is looking beyond, to sport but also to the territory.  Our first objective is to bring the community to support the initiative.  We represent the business community of the city with the largest number of companies in Europe and the Games can be a great opportunity for us.  We must try to make our contribution so that Rome will become a city where sport is a daily asset.”

Rome is competing with rivals Budapest, Los Angeles and Paris to win the right to host the Olympic Games in 2024.  The winner will be elected September 2017.