Public Support For Budapest 2024 Olympic Bid Remains Positive

budapestlogowideSupport for Budapest’s bid for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games remains positive across Hungary according to an IPSOS poll released Friday, the first since the Olympic Games in Rio concluded last month.  Of 1000 people surveyed, 62 per cent said they would be “proud” if Budapest were to host the Games in 2024 and according to the bid committee, that number increases to 74 per cent across a demographic of young people.

Hungary earned fifteen total medals, including eight gold to finish twelfth at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

That latest poll number dips marginally from the 66 per cent result that was reported by the bid committee from a July poll, just prior to the opening of Rio 2016.  December 2015 results published by Budapest 2024 in the campaign’s first bid book showed that 70 per cent would be “proud” but 57 per cent would support the bid.

Iván Rózsa, Director of Communications for Budapest 2024 said Monday “Hungary is an Olympic nation which honors its Olympic and Paralympic champions as national heroes. We have had a number of Budapest Olympic Bids before with sound public support and, as we can see from the recent poll results, the bid is a matter of national pride for Hungarians.”

Bridge crossing Danube River in Budapest, Hungary (Wikipedia Photo)

Bridge crossing Danube River in Budapest, Hungary (Wikipedia Photo)

“The responses we are receiving in our domestic public engagement programme are overwhelmingly optimistic.”

Budapest bid for the Games six previous times, most recently in 1960, but has yet to host the quadrennial sport festival.

The recent results are particularly important as the National Election Committee in Hungary is currently considering a bid referendum proposal and has until October 6 to rule on whether a national vote can move forward.

Budapest’s bid rival Los Angeles is reporting 88 per cent support while Paris shows that 74 per cent are behind the French bid.  The embattled Rome bid that reportedly may not survive the month, has about 52 per cent backing according to recent polls.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has set an October 7 deadline for the submission of the second part of the bid documents.  The organization will elect a winner September 13, 2017 in Lima, Peru.

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