Paris 2024 And Partner SUEZ Unveil Zero Waste Games Strategy

The Paris 2024 bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Monday unveiled the first of a three-part video series promoting a ‘zero waste’ program with official bid partner SUEZ.

The first video, released today across social media, is part of a series called “Circular Economy and Resource Management” which shows Paris 2024’s plans to ensure 95% of all waste is recyclable during the Games by offering sustainable packaging, strengthening recycling and reuse chains, and engaging French people in ‘zero waste’ promotions.

An additional two videos that will be released in the coming days will show how the program will be delivered before, during and after the Games.

SUEZ, a world leader in environmental management, will reportedly help Paris 2024 to become the most sustainable Games in history, and the first to align itself with the Paris Climate Agreement.

Paris 2024 bid co-Chair Tony Estanguet said “the launch of this initiative underpins our goal to ensure a lasting, sustainable legacy from Paris 2024. We want to make sure that, during the Games, waste is recycled and reused as much as possible, and to do so we need to begin educating people now on this cause.

“We don’t just want to deliver a brilliant Games, but we want to ensure that the future of France, for Generation 24, is brighter than ever and that we set an environmental benchmark for future Games.”

First episode in Paris 2024 'Zero Waste' series 'Circular Economy and Resource Management'

First episode in Paris 2024 ‘Zero Waste’ series ‘Circular Economy and Resource Management’

“The work our partners are doing to help us on this journey is immeasurable. Each of our 18 official partners was chosen to give something back to our bid, to help ensure the legacy was as strong as possible. We want to thank Suez for their innovative work in helping to shape a better France for all and the way future Host Cities address sustainability.”

SUEZ CEO Jean-Louis Chaussade added, “we are proud to support Paris’ bid to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and to look forward to working alongside all stakeholders, sportsmen and partners on the project.

“Thanks to our know-how, skills and expertise, SUEZ is committed to making Paris a more sustainable and resourceful city. It will be able to generate and preserve its essential resources, making it a unique candidature. With all stakeholders, SUEZ wishes to share in the vision of making Paris 2024 the most sustainable Games in history.”

Paris is bidding for the 2024 Games in competition with Los Angeles.  The host city will be elected by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) September 13 in LIma, Peru.

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